Odds and ends

It’s nearing the end of a year in which I was never likely to have anything published. All my books so far have seen the light of day in odd-numbered years (Hunting Grounds 2007, Great Balls of Fire 2009, Golf on the Rocks 2011, Life Cycle 2013), so 2014 was always going to be a quiet one.

Not that I’ve just been sitting about. Well, I have been doing some sitting about and doing some writing, which I hope will bear fruit in the odd-numbered year that is almost upon us.

Classroom Superheroes, my first fiction, is a big focus. As well as being something of a departure in my writing (no travel by ScotRail, CalMac or Grifter XL, just mind wandering), I’m aiming to publish it differently – i.e. independently – as much out of curiosity as anything else.

I’ve also recently written my first children’s story, which stems from a conversation I had with my daughter. This one, though, would need to be published the traditional way as it involves illustrations (not drawn by me, nor my daughter for that matter, although she’s pretty good for a six year old).

Despite all this, I haven’t hung up my travel hat and have two separate adventures in mind. One is Scotland, as per usual, but the other is America, so that’s going to take some planning.

Events-wise, 2014 was a good one. I got to talk about Life Cycle at Aye Write! That’s their exclamation mark, not mine, and it had long been a dream to appear at my ‘home’ book festival in Glasgow. And in the Mitchell Library, which I love. Chris Dolan was a great host and I was chuffed to bits with the turnout.

Also this year, I was asked to talk not once but twice at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. First for Life Cycle and then, after I didn’t muck that up, they asked me back to present Golf on the Rocks on the eve of the Ryder Cup. The excellent Kenny Redpath was the man in charge at a fantastic venue and I couldn’t have been happier with the audiences.

Other fun events in 2014 included the unique Bothwell Scarecrow Festival and Stirling Cycle Hub where I obviously blethered about the bike book.

All that remains is to say thanks to everyone who has supported my writing endeavours. And to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Odd-Numbered Year. See you in 2015.

New recipe

Basic ingredients of my work in progress:

Protractors (dozens of them)
Pair of compasses
Tennis balls (several)
Bunsen burner (just the one)
King ribs (box of, frozen)
‘Joyride’ by Roxette
Piece of chalk
Casserole dish

A fresh lick of paint

Before I begin work on my next book, I thought I would spruce up my website. Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to get serious (but not too serious).

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